What can I expect at my first appointment?

You will recieve a questionnaire before you appointment including a medical history form. Your baby will be weighed before and after your baby eats. You will be asked about your baby's breastfeeding patterns, pees, poops, sleeping and awake periods. Please arrive with your breasts full and ready to feed your baby. You will be assisted with breastfeeding and positioning in case of a painful latch. Your breasts will be assessed for supply, nipple trauma, any signs of clogged ducts or infection. You will be asked about your diet and sleeping. There will be time to ask questions and you will be given a plan and a list of community resources as needed.

Is there Emergency Support?

Please send an email with questions or concerns. When in doubt; Pump and feed your baby. If breast milk is not available, then choose a formula and feed your baby. If you have signs of an infection, headaches unrelieved with Tylenol or Ibuprofen, please call your doctor. 

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Do I need to bring my partner to the breast feeding classes?

We highly recommend you bring your partner / support person with you to the appointment as we will be teaching them how to help you with breastfeeding.

Can I attend the group sessions if I am not breastfeeding?

All group support is suspended at this time. Please contact Scotty Thomson, IBCLC for an appointment if you have any concerns.

Where do I go to get a Breast Pump?

Please click here.

Do you sell baby carriers?

We do not sell them but can connect you with community support to help you make a decision. 

Will you send a copy of the visit to my baby's doctor?

Yes, we will send a report to the baby's doctor. The office will have a close relationship with local providers.

What do I need to bring to an appointment?

For prenatal lactation appointment please bring any questions you may have.

For a lactation appointment after the birth of your baby, bring a hungry baby, and full breasts (please do not pump or feed the baby within 2 - 3 hours of your appointment). Have your pump ready if you have a low supply or suspect a low supply. If you are supplementing, have a bottle with previously expressed breastmilk or formula.