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Sara Henson and baby Hazel. .jpg

Baby Hazel 

Mommy Sara Henson

Scotty deserves an unlimited amount of stars… A 5 star review is simply not enough! Scotty and her expertise have been SO beneficial. I had no idea that a lactation consultant would come to your home… and what a difference that has made! When you’re having issues breastfeeding, being in your own home helps so much. And the speed of service has been invaluable for us. Scotty came with such amazing recommendations from multiple people. And after meeting her the first time, she exceeded those recommendations! Scotty absolutely loves what she does and it shows. I honestly don’t know where my baby and I would be without her. I have no doubt that anyone who works with her will feel the same! If you’re in need of a lactation consultant, do not hesitate to contact her!


Baby Aleah

Mommy Jennifer Tricksey

I have three kids total and each child has been different. This time, my third time, with Gulf Coast Lactation has been the one that has given me the confidence and reassurance that I am doing it right and that Aleah is happy. Gulf Coast Lactation means reassurance and gives me confidence as a mother. 

Maritza and Catalina.jpg

Baby Catalina

Mommy Maritza Weeks

I was ready to give up one week in because of engorgement and mastitis. My doctor recommended Scotty. Without hesitation I called and she immediately booked me an appointment that same afternoon. Scotty was/is a GOD SEND. She has made my breastfeeding journey so much better. I can’t wait to see where I’ll be in the next few weeks!

Baby Annie 

I wish I had known Scotty sooner in my

motherhood journey! Baby #3 is the first successful breastfeeding and nursing experience I’ve had. Scotty was SO helpful with everything from supply, to nursing positions, to pumping, etc. She was always available and willing to answer any questions I had. We would not be nearly 9 months into the breastfeeding journey without her help, support, and encouragement!

Beth Pearse _ Annie daughter.jpeg

Jordan Collins

We could not be happier having taken the time to see Scotty for a prenatal appointment. We will be having a baby in the next month and a half we (myself and my husband) feel so much more prepared now. I feel like she has given us the “secret keys” to being able to be successful with breastfeeding. I have several sisters and many friends that have had babies and I felt like I should have known more. But, there were so many things that Scotty shared with us and showed us that I believe are going to make a world of difference when it comes to being successful with breastfeeding. I can’t wait to put these things in action!

Jordan Sims.jpeg
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